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Groups and Training Courses

Groups and training courses in Southampton. I run training courses for counsellors, psychotherapists and other mental health professionals, and I run peer support groups for men.

Understanding Addiction

12th November 2016. 10am – 5pm at the Romney Centre, 61 The Avenue, Southampton, SO17 1XS.

How well do you recognise addiction? And what do you do next?

This course is aimed at mental health professionals who want to develop an understanding of addiction and how to help people suffering with addiction.

I am a member of the Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals and I have personal experience of addiction and recovery. Since the year 2000, I have been helping addicted people turn their lives around and achieve recovery. I have spent many years helping people to relinquish addictive patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. I help addicted people find hope and courage in the face of hopelessness and fear. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and my experience with therapists and mental health workers to help you give your addicted clients the support they need.

This training day will be filled with exercises, presentations and discussion to suit a wide variety of learning styles and to give you practical knowledge and a new set of skills for understanding and helping addicted clients.

Understanding Addiction: Click here for more information and course booking.

Peer Support Group For Men

Starting 7th January 2017 at the Romney Centre, 61 The Avenue, Southampton, SO17 1XS.

Many people struggle with depression, anxiety, fear of failure, lack of intimacy, low self-esteem, emotional expression and other troubles. The real problem is that most men suffer in silence. We grow up learning that talking about our feelings just isn’t manly. But that’s just not true - because in the long run, it’s healthier to identify and express emotions than it is to keep them shut away.

Belonging to a safe, non-judgemental and accepting group can be a profound experience. It can help the group members discover their similarities and develop solidarity. It can give a sense of belonging, safety and optimism. The group can turn despair into hope. Faced alone, problems can be daunting. But the group member often finds himself saying, “I can get through this. I can change. My life can be different”.

Join us in January 2017 for an introductory weekend and ongoing fortnightly evening sessions thereafter. Session times and dates are organised to fit in with Hampshire Council school holidays and term dates.

Peer Support Group For Men: Click here for more information and course booking.