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Individual Counselling

How often do your problems seem to just go round and round in your head?

Whatever your problems, I will give you my undivided attention. When you're struggling to cope, I will do my best help you make sense of things. I believe you have it within yourself to find a way that works for you.

Sometimes problems can seem like an impossibly knotted ball of string - as soon as you untangle one bit, a knot appears elsewhere. Usually, that's because people try to solve problems using solutions that once worked well, but not anymore. The natural reaction is simply to try harder in applying solutions that no longer work. It's not your fault, human beings are just wired up that way.

I can help you to make sense of the confusion and find solutions to your problems.

Often the unmanageable problems that people experience in day-to-day living are the result of aspects of themselves that they're not aware of. When you become willing to change, then you open up the possibility of becoming self-aware. Self-awareness is the foundation from which you can find practical tools to help you solve your problems in new and effective ways.

Self-awareness includes all of our senses, not just our thoughts. Most people have a bias towards either thinking about problems or responding to their problems in an emotional way. In my experience, we need to be able to think about and feel our problems in equal measure if we are to move forward in our lives. My approach encourages you to use both the emotional and thinking parts of you together to discover more about yourself and to find ways of dealing with your problems.

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