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For Therapists – Join My Counselling Network

One way we can increase our online presence and usefulness to clients is by building a peer network, which we can list on each of our websites.

In practice what that means is: I'll put a link to and description of your website on my website, and you put a link to mine on yours. I provide my link to you, and vice-versa. Please note, I'm not seeking any payment for this service.

Please visit my linkshare page to add your website to my network, and for details of how to put my link on your website.

What is a link?

Simply, a link is clickable text or picture on a website that will take you to another website (you will traditionally see them highlighted in blue and underlined) - you've definitely clicked on hundreds, or thousands, by now!

How might this be useful to potential clients?

Consider the following example, based on the fact that I provide therapy for addiction problems: Jack lives in Newcastle. He searches for "addiction counselling". My website appears in his search results. Then he sees I'm based down in Hampshire, which is a problem because he'd really like face-to-face counselling. He notices that I've got a set of links to other counsellors on my website. He looks through those descriptions and finds another counsellor who provides addictions counselling in Newcastle. So he clicks through to that counsellor's website and makes contact. I have therefore been of service to Jack in helping him find the counsellor he needs. For whatever reason, the Newcastle counsellor's details didn't come up in Jacks original search results, but because I've been working with a peer network of counsellors to provide a referral service, Jack has found what he needs - I've provided a referral for Jack, even though I've never made contact with him!

How might this be useful to us as counsellors?

By exchanging contact details, we build a support network for ourselves. We can use this network to publicise training and networking events and we can ask each other for help and support in areas where we feel we need professional development. We are in the business of fostering our client’s relational skills, so let’s foster our own and each others’ too.

How can I join?

Joining my peer network is really simple, just visit my linkshare page to add your website to my network, and for details of how to put my link on your website.