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My Supervision Training and Experience

I hold a Certificate in Supervision from the Centre for Supervision and Team Development. I provide clinical supervision for individuals and groups of two or three, I supervise both qualified and trainee counsellors, and I provide supervision privately and in organisational settings.

Please click here to enquire about individual supervision, or if you are interested in joining a supervision group.

What is Supervision?

Supervision is collaboration between me and you, to help you attend to the quality of the relationships you have with your clients. The purpose of supervision is to help you develop your skill as a reflexive practitioner, whereby you routinely monitor and improve your relationships with your clients. To be reflexive, you must attend to the needs of your clients, the quality of your therapeutic relationship and your own self-development, as well as the ethics, effectiveness and wider context of your practice.

My Approach to Supervision

My aim is to enable you to become more aware of what actually takes place in your therapy sessions and to help you monitor and improve the quality of your practice.

I use the Seven-Eyed Supervision model of Hawkins & Shohet, which compliments a wide range of therapeutic approaches, including Person-Centred, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Psychoanalysis, Family Systems Therapy, Hypnotherapy and many other modalities.

In my experience, the transformative factor in supervision and therapy is the quality of the relationship. I seek to provide a space for you to feel comfortable, understood, supported, trusted. I aim to help you build your self-awareness, gain greater understanding of your relationships with your clients and continue to develop your counselling skills.


Trainee Therapists: £35 per hour.

Qualified Therapists: £50 per hour.

Group Supervision: £70 for an hour and a half, divided between the group members (£35 each for two people, £23 each for three people).