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Past Training Courses – Feedback From Delegates

Feedback from delegates on the training courses I have delivered to a mix of delegate groups.

Brilliant course very inspiring.

It was good to learn about the 12 steps and what they mean and about 12 step program and services available.

It was very helpful, I learned about the timeline of the steps and how I can help clients.

I learned about the reality of addiction and how once those pathways have been set addicts cannot afford to take even one step as they would be locked in again.

I now appreciate the value of the twelve step process.

I got a basic understanding of addiction which will help me understand my clients. I have learnt about 12 steps fellowship to recovery and what addiction is like.

It helped to give support with an ex colleague.

I have a deeper understand of how the addiction cycle works and how the 12 steps work.

I learned about the 12 steps and their meaning, when may be the best time to introduce them including techniques.

I understand about the 12 step programme - the model of addiction and the cycles of addiction. I was able to find out more about the subject of behalf of a current client and myself, to know how I can be an effective counsellor.

Mike has friendly knowledgable managed to cover all steps thoroughly.

I appreciated experiental learning – to share my thoughts, understanding and feelings surrendering addiction.

The way it was delivered was good (discussion based). I am more aware of my own responses with the client and core beliefs.

There were a variety of different learning styles, real life examples and experiences. It was interactive – this helped deepen my learning.

I gained practical skills as I feel I learned better because group communication and handouts were very useful to refer back to.

I valued the acceptance of the group and the courage of those who have/had addictions to speak about them.

I learned about the many different types and levels of addictions, the threefold problem and the cycle of addiction.

I liked the balance of experiential group work and discussion as well as the overheads and information from Mike.

Excellent training material facilitated by Mike. Another video or activity would be good!

It was fantastic training, I wish we had 2 days to learn more. Thank you so much for an honest insightful invitation into the reality of addiction.

I am much more understand of my client's journey and language now.

Enjoyable workshop very informative. More training on addiction. It helped that someone who is in recovery could explain and tell their story.

Really good quality information to read at home to deepen my understanding and be able to give practical advice to clients.

Really informative. I would have liked a 2 day course in order to go more in depth with 12 steps. It was really a very informative and helpful day. (Feedback from one-day course).

I learned a lot, thank you.

I learned to recognise and be mindful of my own feelings towards the client.

Excellent presenter, honest and open. I would be interested in a larger, or second course on this subject. (Feedback from one-day course).

Great knowledge and use of experiential work to provide evidence for efficacy of approach. There was a good balance of experiential work and group feedback.

Very informative, and not too technical or jargon-heavy. There was opportunity for experience, dialogue and reflection. Good balance.

Mike set the tone with his initial openness – good modelling of how to be with this issue – open, compassionate, non-judgemental.

A very worthwhile experience, please may we have another. (Feedback from one-day course).

Mike had a good range of experience and knowledge and clearly knew his subject very thoroughly.

Met all my hopes and expectations. Good pre-course information, giving a valuable insight into the day.

Very interesting topic and information given. I would like to attend more training on this topic. (Feedback from one-day course).

I appreciate the resource book to take home and study at my leisure.