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Addictions Counselling

Have you been affected by someone else's addiction? Or do you think you might have an addiction problem yourself?

Most people associate addiction with just drink or drugs. In fact, addiction has much wider definition. Any activity which is a person habitually engages in, almost against their own will and in spite of the consequences, can be regarded as an addiction. Addiction in any form can cause long-lasting damage to the addict and to the addict's family too.

Many people, whether addicted themselves, or affected by someone else's addiction, often have quite a few traits in common. Take a look at the list below and make a mental note of how many "yes" answers you get:

1.I isolate myself from people.

2.I fear people and authority figures.

3.I seek the approval of others.

4.I am frightened/angered by angry people.

5.I am frightened of personal criticism.

6.I often feel like a victim in life.

7.I feel like I have a huge amount of responsibility.

8.I put others before myself, or I put myself before others.

9.I fall in love with vulnerable people because I want to protect them.

10.I feel guilty when I stand up for myself.

11.I crave excitement.

12.I'm not sure what love is.

13.I don't reveal my feelings.

14.I've lost the ability to feel.

15.I have low self-esteem.

16.I am my own worst critic.

17.I'm afraid of being abandoned.

18.I'll do anything to hold on to a relationship.

19.I find myself reacting to situations without thinking.

20.I fall in love with people who are no good for me.

If you found yourself reading through the list and thinking, "Yes that's me, and it's a problem for me", then it's possible that you're in some way affected by addiction, whether or not you are aware of it. Of course, these traits apply to more than just addicts and their families, but several of these traits together are often typical of someone affected by addiction.

I have been helping people affected by addiction since 2000 and I can help you work through your problems in a way that is tailor-made to address the causes and consequences of addiction.

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